Nanokeratin Smoothing System


What is Nanokeratin?

Our Nanokeratin smoothing treatment transforms unruly hair into beautifully shiny, sleek, repaired hair that’s so much easier to manage.  
Suitable for all hair types, it eliminates bad hair days for a minimum of 12 weeks and up to 6 months putting you in control, giving you the ability to recreate salon-style blow dries with ultimate shine at home.

The Nanokeratin treatment is a semi-permanent hair repair and smoothing system that locks in colour and transforms dry, damaged or unruly hair into stronger, repaired hair with less improved and improved elasticity that’s easy to maintain and looks and feels incredible.

Your hair will be infused with natural keratin restoring condition and health. Very curly hair will relax, substantially reducing the time needed to “tame it” every morning (but don’t confuse this treatment with permanent straightening). This treatment is suitable for all hair types from over stressed, over coloured hair to untouched virgin hair giving you a glossy,manageable mane. Hair is left with a naturally glossy finish with lots of movement and ready for styling.

We use Nanokeratin System Smoothing Treatment for this treatment –  the UK’s leading smoothing product and many award winning salons agree! 

You’ll leave the salon looking gorgeous with shiny, healthy, smoother hair!


  • Can the Nanokeratin treatment be applied to hair that has previously undergone chemical treatments, including hair straightening?
    Yes – it can be used on hair that has had any type of chemical treatment. We have 4 different types depending on your hair moisture, natural, coloured, blonde and afro.

  • How long does it last?
    It will last up to 6 months depending on hair type, and whether you are using the correct aftercare shampoo and conditioner

  • How often should I have the Nanokeratin treatment?
    You will see the results starting to gradually fade, usually about 4 months.

  • Is there any specific aftercare regime?                                                   

                Yes-you will be required to use the recommended sulphate free shampoo, Conditioning mask and Thermal Insulator on every wash.

  • Should I colour my hair before or after the treatment?
    You can now have your hair coloured on the same day or we recommend after your Nanokeratin Smoothing treatment. Just be aware this is a long process.

  • Will my hair go completely straight after the treatment?
    The Nanokeratin System is designed to work with your hair’s natural texture, so the result depends on your hair type. It will eliminate frizz and enhance shine and smoothness. However this is not chemical straightening so most of our clients find their hair still has some movement but it will be significantly easier to blow dry and straighten.

Still unsure, try our taster for Nanokeratin taking half the time at half the cost lasting up to 2 months.  Cost £60

The Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment costs £140 for short hair or £160 for hair below shoulder length.

For further information or to book a consultation call us on 01902 788005

About nanokeratin pure system keratin treatment


With a NanoSmooth pure smoothing treatment, you can enjoy all of these life-changing benefits!
• Eliminate frizz
• Repair damaged hair & improve strength
• Reduce blow drying time by up to 80%
• Increase shine & colour vibrancy
• Lasts up to 6 months
• Leave the salon with freshly washed beautiful hair!
• For all hair types free from chemicals, formaldehyde & aldehyde Wolverhampton nanokeratin smoothing treatment